School to Work

What is School to Work

School to Work, (S2W), is ‘on-the-job’ learning that VET students can do as part of their VET course. S2W is usually undertaken in a local business or industry and may involve an employer accepting a student on a one-day-a-week basis or a one-week block.

School to Work enables the student to demonstrate acquired skills and knowledge in an industry setting. During the work placement, a student will undertake tasks to build on their skills and knowledge.

Do I have to do do School to Work as part of my VET course?

For some VET courses, School to Work is compulsory and is required to complete the VET qualification.

Although it may not be a requirement in order to complete every course, all students are encouraged to complete a minimum of one week (40 hours) work placement in a related industry. This will enhance their learning and increase their prospects of attaining an apprenticeship or entry into further training.

What are the benefits?

School to Work can enable students to:

  • develop practical skills
  • build contacts with employers
  • develop confidence in the workplace
  • develop  personal skills and maturity
  • prepare for entering the workforce
  • gain relevant work experience to include in their resume
  • obtain an industry-based reference
  • gain exposure to workplace dynamics
  • learn about industry practices and procedures
  • apply skills and knowledge obtained in the classroom to the work environment.

What recognition can I get?

S2W recognition is available for students who undertake S2W in an industry aligned to the VCE  VET program in which they are enrolled. S2W recognition is also available for students undertaking a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship (SBAT).  In order to receive  credit in their pathway, students need to maintain and complete their Workplace Learning Record (WLR).  WLRs are available for download on the relevant VCE VET programs page.

How do I find a S2W work placement?

Students seeking a work placement can search for placements online.

The S2W online portal lists local and state-wide work placement opportunities. Students can search the portal by region, industry or course to find an appropriate work placement.

For local Wimmera and Southern Mallee opportunities please visit: 

Students in Stawell or Ararat areas should visit:

Select  ‘share with your teacher’ when you find an appropriate opportunity and your teacher can match you to the position before you arrange to attend an interview.

If a student is having difficulties finding a work placement, WSMLLEN will offer assistance, through the VET Cluster, to source a suitable placement.

Before students undertake a placement, there is a form to fill out to ensure that they are covered by WorkSafe insurance while on placement. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all paperwork associated with the placements are completed and returned prior to the commencement of the placement. See your school VET coordinator for more information.

Students will need to meet the work placement requirements of the course to the best of their abilities.