Certificate II in Music Industry

Course code: CUA20615

Registered Training Organisation: College of Sound and Music Production (COSAMP)

RTO Code: 41549

Delivered by Horsham College

Course Summary

Certificate II in Music Industry provides students with the foundation knowledge and skills required for entry into the music industry. Core units of competency in the program include developing and updating industry knowledge, participating in work, health and safety processes and working effectively with others. The elective units in the program allow students to specialise in an area of their interest from preparing for performances, mixing sound in a broadcasting environment or repairing and maintaining audio equipment.


Contribution towards VCE: VM

It is mandated that students studying VCE: VM complete 180 hours of a VET course in a Certificate II or above.  This will contribute 2 VET credits towards a student’s program.

Contribution towards VPC

Students studying VPC may choose to include a VET program, however it is not mandated.

Contribution towards VCE

On completion of Certificate II in Music, students are eligible for up to four units of credit at Unit 1 and 2 level

ATAR Contribution

No ATAR contribution

Scored Assessment Available

No scored assessment

National Accreditation

Program Delivery

Program structure

One-year Course


Horsham College Campus

Contact Days/Hours

Wednesdays 9.10 am to 3.15 pm

School to Work

20 hours of work placement is included in the program.

Employment and Study Pathways

Potential apprenticeship pathways

  • Certificate III in Music
  • Certificate III in Music Business
  • Certificate III in Technical Production
  • Certificate III in Music
  • Certificate IV in Music
  • Diploma or Bachelor of Music,
  • Diploma or Bachelor of Sound Production.

Potential occupations

  • Music Performer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Producer
  • Sound/Lighting Technician
  • Broadcaster
  • Stage Manager

Fees and Equipment

Materials Fee

Select fees to be paid by the DE for students attending public schools.  Independent and Catholic schools will discuss fees with their families.

Study Units

Units may include:

Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge CUAIND201
Play or sing simple musical pieces CUAMPF201
Develop ensemble skills for playing or singing music CUAMPF203
Play or sing from simple written notation CUAMPF204
Compose simple songs or musical pieces CUAMCP301
Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement ICTWEB201
Work effectively with others BSBWOR203
Contribute to health and safety of self and others BSBWHS201

Note: Program commencement subject to enrolment numbers. Units of Competency are subject to change. This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding to eligible individuals. All details are accurate at the time of publication.


RTO Contact

Horsham College

Lyndon Kuhne  (03) 5381 7712    

Contact the WSMVET Cluster Coordinator via the Contact Page

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